Project Description


Daily Living Skills

Students learn independence through training in all of the activities listed below. This independence is fostered through both individual and small group activities and practice.

Activities of Daily Living

Our Daily Living skills program activities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Communication – Sensory check ins, individual schedules, etc.
  • Personal hygiene/Hand washing
  • Housework, Chores, and Maintenance
  • Healthcare – Taking prescription medications and supplements as prescribed
  • Personal and School Laundry
  • Gardening, Canning, and Freezing
  • Augmented Communication – Rapid Prompting Method – individual and group lessons; iPad Text To Speech, etc.
  • Monetary decisions in the community
  • Schedule and Calendar Planning – Use of timers, personal objectives and goals
  • Shopping – Shopping for groceries, cleaning supplies, home needs, and clothing
  • Meal Planning – diet specific and practical meal prep
  • Restaurant Outings – Personal etiquette, ordering, healthy choices, money, safety
  • Transportation and Navigating Safely In The Community
  • Use of Technology – Using an iPad, completing forms, apps, etc.
  • Safety Procedures/Emergency Responses
  • Health Management and Maintenance – Stress management, nutrition, and fitness and exercise
  • Sensory and Emotional Self-regulation
  • Leisure Time Skills – for individuals and with peers and family
  • Community Activities
  • Safe Hand and Power Tool Use – Arts/crafts, maintenance – prevocational
  • Citizenship – responsibilities and rights
  • Music Therapy
  • Parent/Caretaker/Student Meetings

Admission Inquiry

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    Documentation of Autism diagnosisMost recent Individual Education PlanMost recent educational or medical evaluationTransition/Functional Behavioral Assessment/PlanHigh School TranscriptHigh School Diploma or Certificate of CompletionOther

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