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We want the young adults who attend WILC to develop to their full potential. This requires intensive individualized therapy, teaching, and coaching. Without your support, we cannot provide the individualized programming our students so desperately need.

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Wisconsin Independent Learning College | Support Us - Testimonials

“I love my coworkers and the many tasks I have learned in my job.”

MIKE K., WILC Student

“I get to go to my awesome hotel job every week.”

ANDY R., WILC Student
Wisconsin Independent Learning College | Support Us - Testimonials

“I wanted to work in an office with the right environment for me and now I have found it.”

Rob M., WILC Student
Wisconsin Independent Learning College | Support Us - Testimonials

“Wisconsin Independent Learning College is a dream come true not only for my son, Michael, but our family as a whole. WILC is providing the tools necessary to be as independent as possible, opportunities to socialize and integrate in the community and grow as a person. But these are just a few of the many benefits of this program. Because WILC is autism-specific and utilizes Michael’s chosen mode of communication (RPM), the staff is tuned in to his needs and is able to facilitate growth and challenge him intellectually. The WILC staff recognizes each individual’s areas of need and adapt to that individual. It’s incredible to see these young adults blossom and cultivate the friendships and support they have so greatly desired. They are becoming their own best advocates for their futures while forging lifelong relationships. The level of support they receive from the community has been amazing-a wonderful stepping stone to a bigger world out there yet small enough to be embraced and understood. WILC is what every parent of a child with autism hopes for.”

MAGGIE K., Parent
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