WILC is in THE NEWS… “Waukesha college helps answer ‘What’s next?’ for people with autism.” We encourage you to read about WILC and our students in the news today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! Thankful for the Rudawski / Kurlinski Family and the Fulton Family for their contributions to this article.

Excerpt from the article by Amy Schwabe, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
When Andy Rudawski was 18 months old, he stopped playing with his sister and became completely nonverbal.

His mom, Susi Kurlinski, “thought he would be stuck in his shell the rest of his life.”

When Colin Fulton was about the same age, he stopped responding to his name and started becoming overwhelmed when there was too much going on around him.

His mom, Kelly, never thought he’d be able to focus long enough to hold down a job.

Both young men, now in their early 20s, have autism. And both moms were wrong.

Andy and Colin attend Wisconsin Independent Learning College in Waukesha. The school teaches independent living skills — how to buy groceries, how to cook, how to order at restaurants and how to hold down a job — to young adults with severe autism.

The school — which was founded in 2012 and now enrolls 17 students — serves as a next step after the therapies and special education classes that kids with autism receive as children.