WILC provides adults with autism personalized programming focused on independence, vocational skills and life-long learning. WILC is a non-profit committed to advocating for our participants so they can learn within the school and community. WILC strives for our young adults to have their voices heard by providing highly trained staff to support their needs in an accepting, interactive, community based environment.

It has been 5 years today since the doors at WILC opened and the above mission statement is what we are all about. We started in 2012 in a small one bedroom apartment on Main Street in Waterford. We had 3 students and 4 staff. It took a lot of hard work and effort by so many to get those doors open and to be successful. Fast forward 5 years…. We are now in a 5500 square foot building in Waukesha. We plan to purchase this building in 2018. We currently have 14 students and 12 staff. We work on daily living skills, prevocational training which includes a huge volunteer component to our program. Our students continue to be lifelong learners and are working towards becoming independent.

We are now a vendor with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). We have 4 students who have gone through job shadows, work experiences and have now got hired by the companies directly. We have at least 3 other students in some process of working on employment options. This is a huge accomplishment for all involved and the future is bright.

Here are some quotes from our students:

“I love my coworkers and the many tasks I have learned in my job.” Mike K.

“Glad I’m taking risks with DVR and it feels terrific to dream! My dream job is to be a good listener and an eager worker….now I am working at a unique job.” Evan V.

“I get to go to my awesome hotel job every week.” Andy R.

“I wanted to work in an office with the right environment for me and now I have found it.” Rob M.

I am so blessed, proud and humbled to have co-founded WILC 5 years ago today. The future is bright and we are so blessed with many supporters of what we do. I can’t thank the WILC Board – past and present for their vision and dedication, to Terri Johnson, WILC Executive Director who came on board 3 ½ years ago and to my family for being on this journey with me.

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Here’s to many more years of WILC,

Stephanie Mauck
Co-Founder and Administrative Director