WILC is both an IRIS and DVR vendor. We also work directly in partnership with many southeastern Wisconsin Public School Districts for transitional 18-21 service programs. for private tuition, currently $235 per school day for virtual or direct instruction programming for daily living skills, including recreational and music therapy skills, and prevocational skills..

WILC’s  IRIS rate per hour for instruction is $38 per hour for small group instruction and $45 per hour for one to one instruction for daily living skills to prevocational skills. Usually students attend six hours per school day, one or more days per week.  We will help assist the family and or school district with information and communication with your IRIS consultant. We currently work with iLife, GT Independence, Premier, and Lutheran Social Services through The IRIS program, which is a Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver for self-directed long – term supports. Another free community resource for families considering applying for IRIS or looking for support is ARCh  Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps.

We provide as a DVR Program Vendor Supported Employment, Customized Employment, and Explore Work programs for Wisconsin residents aged 16 or older. We currently provide career profile, job shadows,  job development, job coaching and other services. All fees are determined by the DVR service provided and the current annual fee rates.