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WILC REOPENING after WI Safer in Place ended for COVID-19!

On May 4th – May 15, 2020 Professional Development Training for all of our WILC Staff started back full time to work by attending the Annual Autism Society of Greater WI Conference, Autism Speaks Autism course, and Google Classroom webinars for a two week period of time.  We began preparing our staff, our building facility and connecting with our families for our WILC reopening on May 18, 2020 for students. We will be using PPE and social distancing, traditional and advanced cleaning techniques to keep our students and staff/families healthy as possible. WILC Summer and fall new autism spectrum aged 18-30 year of age student enrollment is ongoing- contact 262-332-7334 for more info 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Private Tours have begun. WILC also works with many area school districts in partnership to meet unique autistic student needs for aged 18-21 Transition. 

WILC our autism specific day training program will be using cutting edge technology to ready our building each day for our staff and students to combat COVID-19. Inventor/Owner Justin Evans will be using LED Lights in a new healthcare application of his lights, researched by both Temple and Mason Universities in 2020. Check out this WISN 5/15/20 video to learn more about this cutting edge technology, or go to www.anthemone.com . Thank you Justin Evans!

Terry Slater, WISN reporter came to WILC to interview me Friday, 5/15/20 for this news report about this wonderful medical sterilization process and healthcare application of Anthemone lights. Justin Evans will be demonstrating it to me today at WILC for the first walk through cleaning. We are proud to be the first business in Wisconsin to use this process to reopen after closing in March. Traditional cleaning is done prior to the process of the walk through with the special light equipment.

Our staff will be wearing either cloth or disposable masks and/or face shields, gloves, hand sanitizers and hand washing, and social distancing when appropriate as part of our fight when working directly at school. In addition a combination of cleaning products with steam cleaners (212 Degrees F) throughout the day between activities are part of our cleaning.

Safety for all is critical as WILC moves forward in our journey to provide safe daily living, lifetime recreation, community integration, prevocational, and vocational skills training. To help offset our costs, consider a donation to WILC at: https://www.wisconsinilc.org .

Justin Evans has taken a device used on Hollywood movie sets to emit a type of UV light that kills the coronavirus. AMAZING! Check out Youtube with Anthemone lights for more info on his lighting.

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