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Thanksgiving! This is a special time to reflect upon all that we are so thankful for… We know that this year will be different for all of us. While this has been a year like no other for WILC, all of you, and the world around us, we still all have many reasons to share our thanks: for our friends and loved ones, and our neighbor’s and all those we care for… health. For WILC, we were able to reopen after closing for eight weeks in spring, and for wide ranging staff autism development training after receiving needed PPP funds and for the completion of the forgiveness application to Waukesha State Bank/SBA (loan to grant funds). We updated our air system with dual UV Lights for cleaner safer air, added a new 220 Electrical panel for the kiln and future vocational area and installed an appropriate electrical outlet for our ceramic kiln and venting. Later this week, we are having our air ducts cleaned. We are thankful for the news of future health vaccines, and very fortunate for the many donations from the WILC fall letter campaign to help make up for funds that would have raised at this year’s 2020 November Gala for Autism which was cancelled due to COVID 19.

Through it all, we are so grateful for the recovery of all of those that have battled the illness, and for the good health, love and caring of our families, staff, board and friends/supporters. We also must honor the memories of and pray for those that we have lost during this challenging health crisis. We truly appreciate the caring relationships we have established working together with you, our students, your families, WILC friends, and caretakers, and our student’s employers through so many challenges. We are honored by the trust you place in WILC and we will continue to be thankful to everyone our lives touch!

May you and yours be safe and well with our heartfelt Thanksgiving blessings! We thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving WILC Word Art

With heart and mind,

Terri Johnson, WILC Executive Director

If you have not yet had an opportunity to help WILC’s students, please help -we are thankful for any support including in kind donations !
For online donations go to https://wisconsinilc.org/support/
 or mail a check to:
Wisconsin Independent Learning College, Inc.
P. O. Box 851
Waukesha, WI, 53187-0851
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