Our students have wonderful support systems at home and their families are involved in their student’s plan and what we do at Wisconsin Independent Learning College. Here’s what WILC parents have to say about us.

“Wisconsin Independent Learning College is a dream come true not only for my son, Michael, but our family as a whole. WILC is providing the tools necessary to be as independent as possible, opportunities to socialize and integrate in the community and grow as a person. But these are just a few of the many benefits of this program. Because WILC is autism-specific and utilizes Michael’s chosen mode of communication (RPM), the staff is tuned in to his needs and is able to facilitate growth and challenge him intellectually. The WILC staff recognizes each individual’s areas of need and adapt to that individual. It’s incredible to see these young adults blossom and cultivate the friendships and support they have so greatly desired. They are becoming their own best advocates for their futures while forging lifelong relationships. The level of support they receive from the community has been amazing-a wonderful stepping stone to a bigger world out there yet small enough to be embraced and understood. WILC is what every parent of a child with autism hopes for.”

MAGGIE K., Parent

“An extremely well run school that has my son’s very best life interests in mind! They do it all! Work experiences, life training, socialization, plans of action and a very loving, caring staff! Highly recommend!”

Denise S., WILC Parent and Co- Founder of GoodFriend, Inc., Parent

“I attended Andy’s summer work party today at Wildwood Lodge. It’s a simple daytime party the bosses put together for their hard working employees, including my son. They played some games, they had lunch together outside, they had some laughs. Andy enjoyed the attention of his fellow employees as it was his turn to pull the jenga piece out, launch the tennis ball, and throw a water balloon at a boss. I could see the happy feeling of inclusion in Andy’s eyes, and pride as he and his job coach Casey showed me around the hotel where he works, and the tasks that he accomplishes each day. The front desk receptionist wanted to be sure to tell me how much they enjoy his presence and appreciate his work. His boss Jesse has said the same.

As I was driving away a while ago, happy tears came rolling out of my eyes. THIS is what I wanted for my son. Almost EVERYTHING positive that is happening in his life now is a result of the guidance and hard work of Wisconsin Independent Learning College staff, and the contacts I have met from your introductions. I do not regret moving into Waukesha, far from my other children and familiarity. It was a risky move but a smart move, Andy is proof. So, thank you. Keep it up”

SUSIE K., Parent