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Wisconsin Independent Learning College LogoMission Statement:

WILC is a private, nonprofit college serving adults with autism who desire continued learning. We assist them in reaching their goals for independence. We believe that people with Autism Spectrum Disorders are intelligent and valuable members of society.

It is our mission to provide each student with the necessary supports so that they may not only have a successful college experience but also become inspired to achieve their purpose in life.

Knowledge is power – A specially trained staff is essential to the success of our unique program. WILC strives to provide an environment that inspires opportunity, encourages individuality and supports Autistic adults age 18- 30. We aim to foster self expression of their thoughts and opinions, and ultimately advocate for their dreams.

Each student and family is unique and partakes in programming with staff at WILC to ensure student growth. We provide integrated, personalized skill training and therapy programs that apply practice to mastery through innovative multi-modality approaches. All families participate in biannual conferences to discuss the success of their student.

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WI Independent Learning College, Inc. Resources

Learn more about the businesses, staff, leadership, and organizations that help our students to succeed.

ARCH – Association for Rights for Citizens with Handicaps

ADRC Resource Guide – Waukesha County Aging and Disability Resource Center Guide – A resource guide for older adults, adults with physical or developmental disabilities, and adults with mental health or substance use concerns.

DVR – Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. As a DVR vendor for Supported and Customized Employment, WILC has an 85% job placement rate. 75% of our students are currently working through WILC supported employment with job coaches, work experiences, or permanent part-time jobs in or near the student’s home community.

IRIS – The IRIS program is a Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver for self-directed long-term supports. The program is an option for adults with long-term care need. WILC accepts IRIS for hourly tuition.

Advancing Choices, Inc – A private organization committed to assisting young adults with disabilities to move into supportive and uniquely-tailored community living arrangements.

Good Friend Inc – Autism acceptance and awareness in schools

Dogs in Vests – DogsInVests began with a dream to help others in our area to become more independent. They strive to empower individuals with special needs by providing them with custom trained service dogs. Their goal is to facilitate specialized training, education, and ensure the placement of service dogs to individuals with autism, without causing financial burdens on themselves or their families.

Waisman Center article – “New CDC Report Finds Increasing Prevalence of Autism in School Age Children” – April 30, 2018

Terri Johnson
Executive Director

Breanne Duvall
Program and Vocational Coordinator

Caelee Rabay
Instructional Coordinator

Summer Caffera-Meidana
Integrated Daily Living Skills Instructor

Mystilee Cheske
Recreation Instructor

Gabby Hansel
Culinary Instructor

Ryzek Ali
Employment Specialist / Instructional Assistant

Meagan Kehoe
Employment Specialist / Instructional Assistant

Anna Grace Rousseau
Business Manager

Thank you to all of our past and current board members!

Meet Our

Wisconsin Independent Learning College, Inc.


LINDA SUMWALTBoard President
Retired Special Education & Student Services Coordinator, School Dist. of Waukesha and Ladlake Special Education Instructor
WCTC Business Program Lead Instructor for Human Resources. Autism Parent
Bostik Americas: CFO/VP of Finance; JC Finance and Data Analytics, Dir. Analytics
Retired business paraprofessional; Retail Sales Associate
Vice President of Business Development, Trissential
KELLY FULTONParent Representative
Special Education Educator/Autism Specialist, Burlington School District, WI. Autism Parent
SCOTT A. SCHWARTZParent Representative
Spectrum Investment Advisers,
Senior Relationship Manager, SQPA
Autism Parent

TERRI LYNN JOHNSONExecutive Director
Wisconsin Independent Learning College since 2014.
Past WILC Board Memberswith our special thanks:
2012 to present: Scott Kelly, President; Nicole Zeroth, Secretary and Volunteer; Carlene Chavez, Treasurer; Jeff Stewart, Amy Masek, Amy Friedman; Maggie Kumbier, Parent Representative; Jeff Adix, Treasurer; Anne Vogel, Treasurer; Pam Joy, Vice President; Stacy Peterson, and Laura Peterson; Craig Grenfell, Parent Representative.

Our sincere thanks to Stephanie Mauck, Co-Founder and Administrative Director (2012-2018) and Cris LeRose, Co-Founder and Educational Administrator (2012-2013)in 2012, WILC would not exist.

What Do Our Students think?

Current and former students share their thoughts about WILC.

“I love my coworkers and the many tasks I have learned in my job.”

Mike K.

“Glad I’m taking risks with DVR and it feels terrific to dream! My dream job is to be a good listener and an eager worker…. now I am working at a unique job.”

Evan V.
“I get to go to my awesome hotel job every week.”
Andy R.

“I wanted to work in an office with the right environment for me and now I have found it.”

Rob M.